Stone Stealing Penguins

I don't know you thats my purse!

I don’t know you thats my purse!

While working I like to keep something on in the background, be that movies, music, television, whatever.  It is just nice to have some background noise going on.  Lately I have been watching a lot of which is a website where people can live stream over a webcam or in the section I have been watching, stream videos off their computer for the rest of us to watch.

Well today I was watching the Nat Geo/BBC Nature channel someone has setup and they were re-airing Frozen Planet.  Anyhow, I noticed just in time to watch these penguins being dicks.  I just found it to be hilarious so I thought I would share.   The action starts about a minute or so in.


Dan Bandekow

Dan Bandekow

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