Grow a Pineapple Plant, Just for the Hell of it…

Pineapples are delicious and you may think if you don’t live in the right climate you just can’t grow pineapples at home. Your right. You can’t. So grow one anyhow. Just for the hell of it.

It’s dead simple,

  • cut top off pineapple
  • put pineapple top in soil
  • water it

So if you won’t get a pineapple, whats the point?

Well, its a fun plant to grow, easy to keep alive and it’s free assuming you were going to buy a pineapple anyhow.

Also it’s a great way to get into growing your own food, even if in this case, you won’t actually be growing any food.

These last few months of corona virus crazy have opened many peoples eyes on just how fragile our modern food system can be.

What better way to stay prepared for the next disruption than growing your own food? With that in mind, I’d like to introduce a new series here at Food. Beer. Stuff.

Grow Your Own

In this series I’ll be sharing whats going on in my home garden, how to start your own, and tons of other stuff about growing your own food and getting self sustaining with food production.

Hope to see you there. In the meantime, go grow a pineapple plant, just for the hell of it.

2 thoughts on “Grow a Pineapple Plant, Just for the Hell of it…”

  1. I am growing a pineapple. I planted the top last summer and it now has a pineapple starting in the middle. I live in northern Indiana. I kept it outside last summer- brought it in for the winter and now it is back outside.

    1. That is awesome! I let mine die over the winter but may bring them in this year, have 2 new ones going. Was actually thinking the other day they could make ideal houseplants possibly. Glad to hear yours are doing well.

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