Kohler Moxie Wireless Bluetooth Shower/Portable Speaker


The Kohler Moxie is a showerhead, bluetooth speaker combo for those of us who like music in the shower. Adding some practicality for others, the wireless speaker pops out and can go anywhere you go providing a portable, water resistant speaker that can last up to around 7 hours of music streaming.

The wireless speaker nest in the showerhead.
The wireless speaker nest in the showerhead.

The rechargeable speaker can detect a bluetooth signal from 32 feet away leaving plenty of room to roam around the house. So the speaker is cool but what about the other half of the combo? The showerhead seems capable with 60 angled nozzles. Coming in both 2 and 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute) versions.


The showerhead comes in Chrome, Brass, White and Nickel so should be easy to match up with your decor. I wish the spray head was adjustable but this is the style I like when their not. On Amazon, it is getting pretty good reviews, 80% rate it 4 or 5 stars.

11% had a mostly negative experience.
11% had a mostly negative experience.

11% of reviewers gave the showerhead speaker combo 2 stars or less so not everyone is in love with it. One reviewer noted that the volume dropped in half after a year of use though others have noted they thought it failed but realized the volume on their phone was down. The Kohler Moxie has a Life-time warranty on the shower and a year warranty on the speaker.

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