5 Great Gift Ideas For Craft Beer Lovers

I wanted to get a thank you gift recently for a buddy of mine who was nice enough to do me a huge favor. Knowing he was as into craft beer as me, I thought some odd or unique related item might make a neat idea. Anyhow, as I was doing some searching around, trying to see what was out there it occurred to me that if I listed out some of the better ones I came across some people out there might find it helpful.

There is no shortage of beer gifts available on the market, so I am thinking of this as a sort of “best of” type list. If people find it helpful maybe this will be a new series where I will go with some other themes, so let me know what you think and what you want me to check out.

Craft Beer Soap

Some soap made with Stone Brewing Co. Arrogant Bastard Ale
Some soap made with Stone Brewing Co. Arrogant Bastard Ale

One of the first things I came across was also one of the least expected. The Beer Soap Company produces fancy soaps from many different popular craft beers. I wasn’t sure what to think at first because many of their varieties were made from some really good beers. I thought it was a neat idea but I also felt a bit sad that nobody got to drink them.

With the deed already done, I warmed up a bit to the idea. Also, learning that beer was not the only ingredient was some good knowledge to gain as I can’t imagine many people want to walk around smelling like they bathed in beer (actually that sounds like it could be fun). These soaps all have different scents but none of them will have you smelling like you fell asleep at the bar.

They mention 100 different varieties (All Beer Soap Varieties) are available so bonus points to you if your gift happens to be their favorite beer as well. Some of the more notable ones I came across were Stone Brewing Co. Arrogant Bastard Ale, Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA and Seadog Blue Paw Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale.

Beer Flight

A great way to split 12oz crafts beers these four 6oz make it easy to sample out your home brews.
A great way to split 12oz crafts beers these four 6oz beer glasses make it easy to sample out your home brews. (Photo By: Libbey Craft Brews).

No craft beer lover or home brewer should be without a Beer Flight. Aside from an attractive addition to the home bar, beer flights make it easy to share and sample out your favorite beers to guest (if your lucky, they might want to try it out with you). There are tons of Beer Flights available at Amazon.com or you can also get the paddels and glassess separately.

I also found some nice options over at beerflight.com where you can buy in bulk orders of 50 at a time, if that is your thing. He offers three types of glasses with two serving paddles in different finishes. You can also buy just the one set as well. I have also found beer flights make a great gift for yourself, so maybe get two.

Beer Growler

Flip Top Beer Growler (photo by: )
Flip Top Beer Growler (photo by: Midwest Homebrewing)

If your beer lover also loves to brew their own beer one thing that always is needed,
Beer Growlers. I like the ones with the pop tops (like pictured above), as opposed to the twist offs. It has been my experience that the twist offs stop holding carbonation after awhile but your mileage may vary.

Many styles of growlers are on the market, you could get growlers with personalized logos or have them engraved. They come in Stainless Steel, Glass and Ceramic.

Beer Hops

Centennial Hops (Photo By: )
Centennial Hops (Photo By: Hirts Hops)

If your beer lover has a bit of a green thumb, giving them a live hop plant might be a fun idea. It does not matter if they would brew with the hops or not as the plant also makes for attractive landscaping that can be grown just for the heck of it.

About 80 different varieties of hops are used in the commercial brewing of beer so bonus points if you can score them a hop plant used in one of the beers they really like. If they do home brew, you could just skip that “growing your own” thing and buy them some Hop Pellets that come ready to use for their next brew.

Beer Magazine Subscription

Why not try out a publication of interest?
Why not try out a publication of interest?

A gift I wouldn’t mind getting, maybe consider a year long subscription to a Beer Related Publication. Hey, if they like drinking it, why wouldn’t they enjoy reading about it?

For the home brewer, Brew Your Own might make a good gift idea. In each issue they share resources and guides to help anyone enter, maintain, and operate a homebrew setup.

If drinking is more their passion, Beer Connoisseur or DRAFT Magazine might be more their style. While Beer Connoisseur tends to focus on some of the harder to obtain beers, DRAFT Magazine deals more with beers that may be easier to find locally.

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