Last Week In Beer, Today… Beer News From Last Week 3/9/15 Edition

Trust In Lucy, Drink A Schaefer...
Trust In Lucy, Drink A Schaefer...
Trust In Lucy, Drink A Schaefer…

Welcome to the latest edition of Last Week In Beer, Today… Where I find 7 stories from the last 7 days in beer. This week we have a narrowly avoided drug bust, AB InBev plotting to take over the world and even more! So plenty of old news to get to this week, lets hop to it!

The Plot To Destroy America’s Beer
There has never been a beer company like AB InBev. It was created in 2008 when InBev, the Leuven (Belgium)-based owner of Beck’s and Stella Artois, swallowed Anheuser-Busch, the maker of Budweiser, in a $52 billion hostile takeover.

Craft Beer Is Getting Lighter
To those trying to work their way into America’s growing craft beer scene, weighty brews can be intimidating — and filling. For years, beer has been catering to the enthusiasts who like beer big, bold and boozy. When 50 people line up outside a liquor store for a pricey new release — like they did at Miller’s Discount Liquor last Black Friday — you can bet they’re waiting in line for something with an alcohol content that’s far greater than your average Miller Lite, but in an interesting twist, more breweries are releasing lighter brews…

How Lagunitas dodged a drug bust to become a craft beer powerhouse.
Part of Ron’s job then was to oversee a weekly series of open-house parties the brewery threw at 4:20 every Thursday afternoon for employees, regulars and whoever else felt like swinging by.The parties were simple and informal. Enjoy some deeply discounted beers in the loft above the bottling line. A live bluegrass band might play in the background. Go outside and play some cards. Smoke some pot — no one would bat an eye. Things were loose — too loose, as Ron and Lagunitas were about to learn the hard way.

Craft beer pairings for hash? There’s a class for that
Ed Haas is living the dream. The 37-year-old Denver-rooted real estate professional is getting paid to tell folks about one of his favorite passions: Flavor-oriented pairings of craft beer and super-terpy hash. Yes, seriously. And Haas knows what he’s talking about. He even started a blog to track his findings and spread the good word, and those taking his Green Labs class later this month are sure to get an education on the subject.

Craft beer maker BrewDog to create 130 jobs in major expansion
Craft beer maker BrewDog is set to create 130 jobs in Aberdeenshire over the next three years.The firm has seen sales soar amid growing demand for independently-brewed beer. BrewDog ships to more than 50 countries and has established a global bar franchise. In total, 300 jobs will be created across the UK, with 130 new employees at the company’s Ellon brewery.

The Craft Beer Guide to Los Angeles
Los Angeles is a sprawling and diverse city, one of the cultural capitals of our world, but until very recently, its beer culture was nearly nonexistent. Thankfully, the craft beer tidal wave has finally broke on the shores of Los Angeles, and the long-suffering beer desert is now inundated with great beer pouring at bars, beer-centered restaurants and some world-class breweries.

The Future Of Craft Beer?
Nano-Breweries are the future of the craft beer boom. Let me put it simply. While everyone else is hyping over Hopslam or Oberon, even debating when a microbrewery is no longer one I’m out scouting breweries who have a 3BBL system (A 3 barrel brewing system) or less. In Petoskey Michigan there is one such called Beards Brewery, tucked away in between two shops housing a 1BBL system. These small tap rooms and brew houses are the future of craft beer. They are also the past, the present and everything that is craft brewing.

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