Turn Your Old Beer Tshirts Into A New Bag

Just wanted to take a second and share something I stumbled upon recently that I thought was pretty clever.

I’m all about giving the stuff I have laying around but don’t really use anymore a new life (like your old cell phone for instance) so as I was swiping around twitter this morning and ran into some pics of a purse made out of old Tshirts, my interest was held for more than the usual three seconds or so.

To make things even better, this particular purse was made out of old beer Tshirts. From what I can gather there is a print from a shirt on each side and then an additional one for the strap. The idea belongs to The Beer Baroness, over at wordpress.  I’m not sure if she plans on posting a bit more about the process and the end results but if I hear of it I’ll update this post with a direct link for you. In the meantime you can find the pics here.

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