• Alpha Acids: 12% – 14%
  • Beta Acids: 3% – 4%
  • Cohumulone: 29% – 34%
  • Origin: Washington, USA
  • Chinook Hops For Sale

Chinook, a descendant of Petham Golding was first cultivated in 1985 when crossed with a high alpha acid U.S. Select Male. Known for adding a strong grapefruit character Chinook hops are great both in the boil and as an aromatic.

Typical beer styles to employ Chinook hops would be American Pale Ales and India Pale Ales mostly due to Chinooks relatively high alpha acids but also has been used nicely in porters and stouts. Chinook has been known to add to the sweetness of beers when used in large quantities so depending on what the home brewer is going for, it may be wise to mix Chinook with other hop varieties to achieve the desired balance.

Some have noted a smokey character when used in the last few minutes of the boil. Some possible substitutions include Nugget, Southern Cross, Columbus, Eroica, Galena and Brewers gold.

A Chinook harvest is known to produce modest yields per plant with medium sized dense cones. Resistant to many common diseases, it is susceptible to the fungal disease known as powdery mildew.


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