The Beer List 2015

For the last year, I’ve been trying to keep track of all the different beers I try right here on the site. Well, 2015 is almost up and I’ve been doing a piss poor job at it. Scientist are so far baffled as they continue to look for the link between drinking lots of different beers and staying organized and focused.

So yeah, this list isn’t all the beers I’ve tried out in the last year, as it was supposed to be, but rather just the beers I remembered to take some photos and notes of.

Sadly, this is only a fraction of the different beers I drank in 2015. Writing out this list makes me think of all the beers I had to keep off of it because “Pic’s or it didn’t happen”.  Not that it matters, really, but I don’t just want to be some guy on the internet with a list of beers he says he tried, I want the photos and words to help me remember each one.

So, anyways, I have disappointed myself, actually shameful what a small percentage I got to. Even more shameful how few I got online. Maybe listing my failure will help me do better in the future.

Anyhow, 2015 is almost over and as always, Hur’ray Beer!

Each beer will be linked to it’s profile here at Food. Beer. Stuff.

Beer’s without links are scheduled for future publication. Lets see if the 2016 list does any better.

21st Amendment Brewing

  • Back in Black


  • Purple Haze

Beer Camp

  • Alt Route
  • Torpedo Pilsner

Boulder Beer Co.

  • Mojo IPA

Brewmaster Mike

  • Kind Rye

Clown Shoes

Crown Valley Brewing


Dog Fish Head

  • Indian Brown Ale
  • Punkin Ale


  • Hop Mountain Pale Ale
  • Morning Glory Espresso Stout
  • Oak Barrel Stout


Evolution Brewing

Firestone Walker

  • Pale 31

Fish Tale

Flying Dog

  • Double Dog DIPA


  • Gypsy Lager

Goose Island

Green Flash

  • Hop Head Red

Hop City

  • HopBot IPA



  • Maximus

Lancaster Brewing

  • Hop Hog IPA


  • Orange Shandy

Mispillion River Brewing


  • El Conquistador

New Belgium


  • Hennepin
  • Hop House Pale Ale

Oskar Blues


  • Rouge Farms 7 Hop IPA

Sam Adams

Scuttlebutt Brewing

Sierra Nevada

Six Point

  • Bengali
  • Global Warmer
  • Hi-Res
  • Resin

Southern Teir

Starr Hill

  • Double Platinuum IIPA


  • 18th Anniversary IPA
  • Heretic – Beachwood Aged
  • Self Righteous Black IPA

Tall Tales Brewing

  • Red Headed Step Child

The Raven Beer


  • Perpetual IPA

Twin Lakes

  • Pale Ale


  • Detour DIPA