That Little Bit of Perfect Called the Breakfast Sandwich

After finishing my latest Beer Profile on Elysian Superfuzz it occurred to me that maybe I should save my beer reviews for after eating breakfast. Morning beers, usually reserved for vacations spent relaxing can have quite an impact on an empty stomach when one has work to do.  After relaxing for a couple of minutes on the couch I soon hurried into the kitchen to take stock of what was there and plan out some sort of meal.

To my delight, I still had half a package of Taylor Ham left (you may know it as Pork Roll).  As I heated up the skillet and the ham started to sizzle I began to think about just how often I turn to the breakfast sandwich for sustenance.

If you weren't aware, Taylor ham must be sliced in order to cook flat.
If you weren’t aware, Taylor ham must be sliced in order to cook flat.

A deceptively simple meal to prepare, the breakfast sandwich has its history as a quickly prepared food item for the person on the go.  For me it is much more than that though.  I can hardly remember a time when this wasn’t my breakfast item of choice.  Bacon, Scrapple, Sausage, Ham even some leftover steak.  The meat hardly matters, I have eaten them all and have loved them all.

A couple ingredients I find essential though.  For one, it just isn’t a breakfast sandwich without a slice of American Cheese.  The heat from the meat seems to liquefy cheese in such a mouth watering way, mixing with the grease from the cooked meat in a serendipitous frenzy of taste. Also essential, in my mind.  A nice healthy dab of butter for the bread.  The butter adds a delightful moistness and complimentary taste that really defies explanation.

After that to me, it is all the same.  Egg or no egg.  Be it on a Biscuit, Bagel, Toast, Muffin or Roll, I have no worries.  So lets take a moment to appreciate the Breakfast Sandwich.  A simple food that truly adds depth and enjoyment to our lives.  So few things in life have such versatility yet so much perfection.

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