I’ve been making pizza at home for a few years now and was thinking about writing something up to talk about some of the different things I do contrary to some of the recipes that show up in a search. As I was preparing the article it occurred to me though, rather than show what I am doing, I should point people towards a true master of the craft whom I was lucky enough to stumble upon when I first started to get into home made pizza.

Jeff Varasano has a real passion for pizza. Besides traveling the world to create the definitive lists of the greatest pizzerias. His pizzeria in Atlanta has won numerous local and national awards, he has spent years perfecting every nuance of his recipe and what is even better, he has shared every last detail of his experience online for everyone to benefit from.

Some of Jeff Varasano's Home Made Pizza. I still have much to improve on.
Some of Jeff Varasano’s Home Made Pizza. Speaks for itself. photo from: www.varasanos.com

Jeff calls this his Pizza Recipe but in reality it is much more than that. The amount of detail and the shear wealth of information he provides could save a person years of trial and error. I have read through this guide a number of times and I always pick up a new nugget of information to try out next time to improve on my own efforts.

Even if you have been making your own pizza for years, I am positive you will learn something that will make your pie that much better.

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